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There is also Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Yohana Susana Yembise, who is a Papuan woman, as well as many more female public figures. Then there’s Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, who is also the former leader of the World Bank and is such an inspiration to a lot of women who are looking to work in public life because of her experience as well as her work to include gender mainstreaming in state budgets. Before that, the second president and dictator, Suharto, ruled the country for almost 32 years and increased the inequality gap between men and women during his reign. Several Muslim scholars in Indonesia who have argued the jilbab should not be mandatory have been bullied and faced violence. In Indonesia, the mandatory hijab rule did not exist until after the fall of President Suharto in 1998.

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Our findings underscore the needs for optimizing existing facilities and infrastructure in the rural area to provide comprehensive knowledge about HIV base on the local needs. Furthermore, policy maker need to design a wide health education program targeted to women who were uneducated, poor, unmarried and lived in rural area using an innovative strategy. This study found Indonesian women residing in urban areas had 1.62 times great knowledgeable level than rural counterparts. In Indonesia access to media sources, both electronic and written materials, often is limited or perhaps even inaccessible in many more remote and rural areas24. Another study in Indonesia emphasized that people who lived in the rural area more prefer to rely on cultural traditions and beliefs about health, sexual activity, and reproduction. Moreover, community leaders often view HIV as a “curse” for the individual, family and even the community25. President Joko Widodo made gender equality a cornerstone of his agenda during his presidency and is currently https://ardigitizing.com/2023/01/17/the-8-best-brazilian-dating-sites-apps-that-really-work/ a global ambassador for the #HeForShe campaign making it his mission to fill his cabinet with strong, smart and capable women.

You might enjoy the odd religious holiday, but they were prescribed, as was the weekend, when that came along. Broadly speaking, your days of rest were the same as everyone else’s.

  • It also states that Indonesia will cooperate with regional and international authorities in order to thwart any actions relating to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  • The Ombudsman Office sent an inspector and asked the school to end the abusive practice.
  • But officials did not penalize the school principal, and the school is still pressuring Muslim girls to wear the jilbab.
  • The Minangkabau people are known as one of the few traditional societies that apply matriarchal and matrilineal culture, where property and family names are inherited from mother to daughter, and husbands are considered as “guests” in their wives’ household.
  • Human Rights Watch spoke with several women about their struggle against the mandatory jilbab regulations in Indonesia.

In February 2010, the Indonesian Ulema Council in Kuningan regency issued a new fatwa stating that my father more about it on https://absolute-woman.com/asian-women/indonesian-women/ was “blasphemous.” My daughter lost her confidence, felt pressured, and had her rights abused.

This study seeks to analyze and describe the voting behavior of female college students for a female candidate in Indonesia at Banjarmasin Mayoral Election in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, political campaigns were mainly switched to communication and information technology with a lack of mass gatherings and direct political campaigns due to Covid-19 health protocols. In a predominantly Muslim and highly patriarchal society, this is also the second time this province to have a female candidate for this position and the first time for this city. Amidst the negative stereotypes of a female candidate and the attacks from the opponents, this female candidate managed to gain second place. Disputes emerged, and the court decided to hold re-election in three sub-districts. The disputes and the campaign dynamics show how this society at large perceives a female candidate.

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Trends and determinants of Comprehensive HIV and AIDS knowledge among urban young women in Kenya. Factors influencing Indonesian women’s use of maternal health care services.

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I was the only Muslim student who did not wear the jilbab at the school. There were Christian students, the number was small, fewer than 10 people in the school, and none of them wore headscarves. I finally took off my jilbab, very slowly, like stages of therapy, by switching to a scarf and kebaya, traditional dress, or a regular dress to recall the memories of the 1980s. I enjoy having debates, but if I am bullied or ridiculed, I try to be patient. Religious fanaticism https://www.ukwayec.co.uk/2023/01/05/filipino-families/ has various forms as well as layers and by wearing the mandatory jilbab, we are exposed .

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To find out how long ago and how many Indonesian settlers there when the island’s population was founded, the team ran various computer simulations that started out with different founding populations at different times until the results matched their real-life data. The researchers found that the island was most likely settled by a small population of about 30 women, who arrived in Madagascar around 1,200 years ago. Ninety-three percent of these women were Indonesian, and the other 7 percent were African. Nurlini and Rosmiati are coastal fish sellers and small-business owners in Indonesia’s Southeast Sulawesi province.

Its culture also recognises a prominent historic female figure, Bundo Kanduang, the matriarch of Minangkabau society. Today, Bundo Kanduang refers to the traditional institution consisting of female elders revered in the adat of Minangkabau society.

This new trend of Muslim women in politics will continue to shape the growth and direction of democratization in local politics https://www.donmario.com.br/bumble-vs-okcupid-basic-features-main-differences/ in post-Suharto Indonesia and will color future discourse on gender, politics, and Islam in contemporary Southeast Asia. There is currently a domestic violence bill which means it is illegal for a man to commit violence against a woman in a home. But the sexual violence bill addresses nine specific definitions of what constitutes different types of sexual harassment including street harassment, workplace harassment and marital rape. The leadership – including the women currently in political positions of power – are not pushing women’s rights and gender equality issues as much as they could be. In my opinion, unfortunately, the leadership – including the women currently in political positions of power – are not pushing women’s rights and gender equality issues as much as they could be. The video recorded a teacher pressuring the father to make his daughter, who is a Christian, wear a jilbab at school.